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Showing up on the first page of google has never been harder. Google continues to change their search algorithms and how they factor who show up first on the page.

Google Maps (Google Plus) is one of the harder places to secure a spot. They only allow 7 listings on the first page. Getting in this 7-pack can change your business. Just ask me.

Google Local 7 Pack
How do you get in here?
local seo optimization

Google measures the local maps section by something called “citations”. Citations are local listings such as, yelp, citysearch, yahoo local, etc. They are kind of like back links. The more you have, the more likely you will show up on the first page.

Name Address Phone
Known around the industry as NAP, you must remain consistent across the internet when listing your Name, business Address, and business Phone Number. It is also important to plan ahead. Pick a phone number and address that you will have for a long time. If you go out and build 100 citations, believe me it is a pain in the butt to go revise all of these listings.

Where Do You Stand?
Bright Local offers a great tool to see where you stand. It will go out on the web and see what listings you already have, and which ones you will want to claim next.

The Whitespark Citation Finder is a great tool to do some research on your competition. They offer a free trial, and you can use the tool to find out how many citations the top 7 listings have, and where they are listed. then you can simply copy and exceed their winning formula to make it your own!

Cloud Clarity Local Optimization
Sound complicated? Let us do it for you. Our local map optimization packages start at $499. We’ll get you on the first page in no time. Give us a call or send us a note to the right so we can get started right away!