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Google Authorship Tricks

What is Google Plus Authorship?

Google authorship markup is a new initiative by google that ties your google+ profile to your website using the rel=author tag on sites that you own to claim your content.
google profile pics

Google Authorship Tricks

Everyone adding authorship to their website right now is using a standard square photo. Differentiate yourself! Check out the circle!

Why add Google Authorship to your site?

For one, it makes you stand out! Check out the results on this page.
google authorship for local maps

Which one stands out like a sore thumb? The one with the picture of the handsome photographer!

Google Authorship for WordPress

WordPress google authorship is easy! You can download the google authorship wordpress plugin and simply add it to your blog. We’ve had mixed success with this plugin, so we like doing it the old fashioned way by adding the authorship markup code to your homepage.

Google Authorship SEO

There are mixed views on how much of an SEO bump you get from adding authorship to your website, if any. For one, you are using and promoting google’s social network (Google+). They like that. Google also likes to help users find relevant trustworthy web content, and a visitor is more likely to trust a site that has been tied to a person’s google+ profile
Do they factor

What you will need to add google authorship:

1) Access to your google+ personal profile
2) FTP or wordpress access to your website
3) A valid email address ending in the domain you are adding authorship to
(i.e. geoff (at)
4) Once you have added the code to your website, and added the URL to your contributor page on your google+ profile, visit to confirm your email address.

Authorship Done For You by Cloud Clarity

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