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mobile-website-example3 years ago it was ok if your website was not optimized for mobile devices, but now just ask your consumers and they will tell you that it is in-excusable. 95% of consumers have a mobile device with them at all times. They are searching for information from their phones and if you are not delivering mobile content you are being left behind.

Mobile Search Is On The Rise
As smart phones continue to evolve, so do their users. People are using their phones to find out the score to the game, to socially connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and to search for local businesses. Just over 30% of worldwide search engine traffic comes from mobile devices. It is projected that in the near future the number of search engine queries from mobile devices will surpass traditional computers and laptops. Don’t get left in past!

Mobile Search Is Local
Mobile offers opportunity. If you are a restaurant, you know users want to pull up your menu on their phone to view your menu to see if they want to dine with you. How about popping up a special mobile offer for 10% off to entice them to come in. Mobile also provides an opportunity to embrace another new technology – QR codes. We helped Kerbey Lane Cafe distribute over 4,000 kitchen magnets to their fans that had a QR code on it that users could scan to bring up the “Pancake of the Week”. You can see an example of this magnet on our marketing page.

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Getting started is easy. Just fill out a mobile website request form. We can have you a mockup in 24 hours.