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How To Structure Your SEO Campaign

Before Creating a Strategy, Know Where You Stand Currently
When starting to look at your organic rankings, you need to know where you currently rank. Starting a new Search Engine Optimization campaign without proper planning will not reach your desired result. It is hard to get where you need to be if you don’t know where you are right now.

One way to go about determining your standing is to request a free web rankings audit from Cloud Clarity. We will take the keywords you have chosen as most important to your business and conduct additional research on these keywords and find out if you have any seo rankings. When this process is complete, you are provided with a real-time ranking report that shows your current position on the search engines and which areas are in need of improvement. A plan may then be developed for your Search Engine Optimization Austin strategy.

What Makes an Expert Austin SEO Company
When you sit down with Cloud Clarity to create this plan, you need to have three basic questions answered.

1) The first question looks at where you stand now and how you stack up against competitors. This information can and will be used as a baseline for future optimization efforts. Areas most in need of improvement need to be considered next. Although there may be a number of areas which must be addressed for the best results, they can be prioritized so those of more importance are taken care of first.

2) The plan should address the amount of work needed to move your site to your desired position. Remember, everyone cannot be number one in the search engines. A better goal may be to find your site on the first page of search engine results. Depending on the keywords you are ranking for, you may want to set progressive goals, ones that may be reached as each area of the site is improved upon. This is something you should discuss with your SEO Austin TX experts.

3) Finally you need to discuss proper expectations. Seasoned SEO Consultants will show you case studies, similar businesses past successes, and give you an idea of how quickly you can start moving your page up the rankings.

What To Expect
If this approach is used, you’ll move up quickly when you make the improvements which have been flagged top priority. You need to know what to expect at each stage of the process so you aren’t disappointed.

In most cases, results will be seen within a 60-90 day period. This depends in large part on the initial ranking of the site and how many improvements need to be made. A representative from your SEO team will sit down with you each month to determine where the plan is working and where changes need to be made to achieve the desired goals.

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When the time comes to bring in a new SEO company for your business, consider making use of Cloud Clarity Online Marketing Services. In addition to offering SEO packages, Cloud Clarity designs both standard and mobile websites so all work can be completed by one company. Visit to learn more about this company and what they have to offer. You may also contact them at 512-535-6133 or email the staff at [email protected]