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Persuasive Web Design

Turning Website Visitors into Buyers
Simply building your new website does not guarantee they will come and stay. Your website must be appealing to customers in a way that they will seek your products and services over your competition. Online businesses that understand persuasive web design not only have a lot of page hits but they also have higher customer conversions. As a consumer you understand what it takes to make you feel comfortable placing an order on a website. Like you, most customers like websites that are easy to navigate. Use this information along with other marketing research to create a better website roi. The following are Useful Tips on Website Conversion.

Give Them What They Want
Seventy-six percent of the people that visit websites prefer websites that help them find what they are looking for. This premise is only logical. It is very likely that users have searched through web search results seeking very specific information. The search engine pointed to your site, now they want answers. Your site should immediately be satisfying to them with regard to the information they are seeking otherwise the will seek out other sites. Your entire website should be dedicated to proving why your products or services are the better choice when compared to the competition. If you fail to distinguish your business from others, you will not see an increase in conversion rates.

First Impressions are Key
Making judgment calls based on what we first see is a fact of life. In fact, the first impression of a website can be a game changer. Professionalism, credibility and quality are a few characteristics consumers are interested in when they first visit a website. This is understandable because the entire business relationship consumers build with businesses prior to ordering is based on the website. It is of the utmost importance that you design a website that makes users feel welcomed and feel your business is trustworthy. You want to make good use of white space and avoid designs that may be too eccentric. Overwhelming or confusing users will not help you acquire customers.

Lead The Way, Graphically
Incorporating visual hierarchies into your web design will help sustain user’s attention. You want to keep their attention while guiding them towards your desired end. If your objective is to have them purchase your item, stimulate them visually by emphasizing their next step on your website. If you want them to subscribe to your Twitter Feed, make that particular component on your website stand out more than the rest of your website. Guiding users through your website using visual hierarchies is what 76% of web traffic say they want.

Left To Right
After sustaining user’s attention, you want to keep them captivated. Since we read left to right, strategically use this information. Use the left most part of your website to gain their attention. Incorporate visually stimulating content. The longer they stay and find out more about your business the more likely your content is working as intended. Use images of happy people using your products or services.

Call To Action
Your website should provide sufficient information prior to a call for action. Without clarifying, you may lose your audience. You want to simply state your intention on every page without being overwhelming and then calling them to action. If you have too much for a user to do on one page, they may have trouble digesting all of the information and continue on to your competition. Providing the right amount of content is important to motivating users to follow through with the desired call to action. If you have a website that provides information about finances or health you may want to provide a wealth of information, ensuring that users are comfortable and confident with the content. Websites that do not have such a significant impact should provide less content yet enough content to motivate customers to act.

Test, Test, Test
It isn’t enough to simply read and implement these website conversion tips without measuring, analyzing, optimizing and testing how effective your changes were. You can test whole websites or opt to test specific variables of a web page. However you choose to measure your website conversion optimization it should be methodical so that you can distinguish between what is working for your site and what is not working. Track your traffic and conversion rates to determine what affect your changes have had on generating a return on your investment.