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Austin WordPress Designer

New Websites for Local Clients

If you are looking for an Austin WordPress Designer, Cloud Clarity is your go to source. We are experienced wordpress web designers, as we have have created over 250 wordpress websites. WordPress is a highly sought after website platform, and we wanted to get into the details so you are educated on what wordpress is.

What is WordPress?
wordpress themeA wordpress site is a free and open source tool designed for blogging, however millions of business owners utilize this popular website content management system for their business’s web presence. WordPress designs offer a user-friendly web design interface that amateurs can master in the course of a few minutes.

When you install wordpress on your domain, you will be presented with the default wordpress design and layout. Even though it is simple, it gives users an instant portal to start adding content to your website. You’ll notice that the default wordpress theme has a logo area, a search bar, a header image, a navigation bar, a sidebar and a main content area. These are all components of most wordpress template and each can be customized with custom styles, colors and graphics.

WordPress Plugins
wordpress siteAnother unique feature WordPress web designs offer are wordpress plugins. There are thousands of plugins that are designed to add features to your website that would usually take major coding. There are social media plugins that automatically post to your social accounts, mobile website plugins that will convert your wordpress site into a mobile optimized site, and SEO plugins that will help get your site ranked on the search engines. Plugins are a feature that make wordpress sites very popular.

WordPress was first designed to be a blogging tool. However due to how easy it is to customize wordpress websites, many company’s have used wordpress for their main site. The blog feature should not be ignored though. Adding a blog and adding blog articles on a constant basis will remind search engines like google that your site is remaining fresh, thus reminding them to index your site to keep it up to date in their index.

Getting Started with WordPress
If you are in Austin and looking to build a wordpress template, Cloud Clarity will help you build a beautiful, conversion friendly wordpress website that will not only pull up high in the search engines, but it will help convert website visitors into customers. We have an extensive wordpress portfolio. So whether you see a site that we have done and like it, or even if you have a few favorite sites around the web that you love, we can help make your dream site a reality.