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Why Use WordPress Over HTML?

Does It Really Make A Difference

wordpress-websitesTop 5 Reasons You Need WordPress
1. WordPress can be a website and also blog!
2. Keeping WordPress up to date is easy.
3. WordPress is a cost-effective web platform!
4. WordPress is used by millions.
5. WordPress deploys fast!

WordPress Works for Some Of The Largest Companies In The World
If WordPress is good enough for the likes of Best Buy, Ford, Adobe, and many other businesses, then it should be more than enough for your local small business. Whether you are a mom and pop shop on the corner, or the world’s greatest new startup, having a wordpress design is a great start!

Social Network & Community Friendly
WordPress is social media marketing friendly. There are tools to automate your WordPress web site and blog to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace and visa versa. We can help you get your social media friends to your website and make website visitors your social media friends.

Add WordPress To Your Existing Web Strategy
Outdated or stale web content will cause your site to lose search engine relevance. WordPress is easy to update. WordPress can be configured to look like your existing website or replace it all together. Using proper redirects you can maintain existing search engine traffic while building for better positioning.

A Better, Complete Plan at Sales Pro Websites
We have a better plan for small businesses, artists, musicians, communities, churches and even people seeking to promote an agenda or run for office in 2012!

Search Engine Optimization Strategies
Because of the structure of a wordpress site, it is easy to implement an SEO campaign. WordPress was built by SEO specialists, and there are several plugins that make SEO easier! Cloud Clarity will both build your wordpress website, but we will also run your SEO campaign! Just give us a call.